Wellmark Hospital In Bokaro Steel City- An upcoming multi-specialty Hospital, Jharkhand India


A Newly Opened Hospital In Chas Bokaro ‘WellMark Hostpital’ Is Providing Very Nice Services and Treatment In Our City Bokaro Jharkhand.


Nature of Work:- Treatment For All Body Problems


Established:- 22th Oct 2015


Types Of Treatment:-  Major and Minor Operations, Plaster of Fractured Bones, All types of Lab test available, Psycological disorder treatment and women ailments etc.


Our Departments

  • OPD SERVICES-       We are initially coming up with OPD Services in Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Dermatology

  • INTENSIVE CARE-  Cardiac, Trauma, Neuro and Neo-Natal Intensive Care aims to be on-par with Global Standards

  • LAB SERVICES-       Our State-of-the-art Radiology and Pathology Services are the Cornerstone of Our Establishment

  • AMBULANCE SERVICES- Wellmark Hospital’s Ambulance service would be Fully-Equipped and Manned by Trained Staff

    wellmark hospital in chas bokaro 


    * 24X7 EMERGENCY- Round-the-clock Emergency and Trauma Services are going to be the Best in the Region


Why Choose Wellmark Hospital:-

Nowadays a large chunk of citizens are going through many health issues. There are many reasons for this such as bad diet, lack of nutrient food. Wellmark hospital in chas Bokaro is a renowned and nice hospital for all kinds of treatment and your health care point. Basically, you will get good service and proper care for your issues regarding any anatomical problem.



You May Choose this place for above mentioned treatment and all.


Address:-  15E/3, Western Avenue, Near Naya More Bus Stand, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand, 827002, India



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