The 4 Best Inspirational Short Unique Stories For Motivation

4 Best Inspirational Short Unique Stories For Motivation…

In Today’s World, Everyone is looking For motivation and inspiration for self-growth. Because The Range of Negativity and demotivation never let us do something which can change your world. Here comes the role of Some Motivational Stories by which we can understand our mind and can keep it calm. We Have Produced 4 Best Inspirational Short Unique Stories For Motivation For You.


Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress


  1. From The Last Two Months Have You noticed Your Progress?
  2. Why Is It Important To Track Your Progress?
  3. And If Tracking is important Then How Can We Track?
  4. Is There Any Rule Of Thumb?
  1. From The Last Two Months Have You noticed Your Progress?

As a Human We Born To Progress Because If you are not Growing, You are Dying. E.g. A Plant.

  1. Why Is It Important To Track Your Progress?

So As I Told You Progress Is Essential As a Human. Everyone Wants More Wealth More success. So Without Making Comparison Your Tomorrow With Today You’ll Not Know.

  1. And If Tracking is important Then How Can We Track?

Now, The Question Arises How Can We Track Our Progress? So I Would Recommend You To Note All The Things as It is Available With You. E.g. Your Financial Status, Your level Of Knowledge. And After A month Or So Measure It with Your Previous Status. That’s How You Can Track It.

  1. Is There Any Rule Of Thumb?

No, There Is No Rule Of Thumb In Tracking Your Progress. You Can Check It In Your Own Way But Make Sure To Check.


So This Was It.

Thank You So Much

See You Soon!


Focus More On Work Than On Results

Focus More on work than on results


In This Era, Everyone Is Looking For Shortcuts To Success. But Let Me Clear You There Is No Such Shortcuts.


Hello Everyone….


Today, I have Come With a Harsh Reality That Might Break Your One Of The Strongest Beliefs Which Most Of the Young Newbie (inexperienced) Fellow Carry On Their Mind And


That Is “How To Become Rich Very Fast”. I Am Not Saying That It Is Not Possible But This Line Doesn’t Exist Unless You Put Your Heart And Soul 100% Into Your Work With Smartness And Creativity.


People, Understand This Is Not The Time To Give Your Only Best But Give Your All, “Do You Think The Best You Can Do Is The All You Can Do……(No). Sky Is The Limit Even You Don’t Know Your Actual potential. But Once You Start Putting Your Extra In Your Daily Work Gradually, It Grows Up Higher And Higher.


Let’s Take A Very Small Amount Of Extra That You Can Easily Add Up In Your Daily Task (That Is Only 1%) Isn’t That Easy? Even 1% Of Your Daily Growth Can Change You Completely At The End Of The Year. Because You Will Become 3 Times Smarter, Stronger, and More Successful…( Think About It)


So My final Words To You Please Start Focusing More On Work Than On Results.


Thank You So Much For Reading This Article But As Always It Will Not Work Until You Implement All The Points Given Above.


Hope For Your Success… See You Soon




Ashutosh Kumar…


Hard Work Beats Talent

Hard work beats the talent


Do you think the men who have done something remarkable in their life have born with some special talent?

No.. Right!


So, then what was the factor that made them different.


Hello, everyone, my name is Ashutosh Kumar, and today I’ll share some pointers on the topic, “Hard work beats the talent.”


Friends understand no one in this world can claim to be perfect but can’t we go the nearest to it. (we can try at least).

Right..! The one who remains always keen to enhance their existing knowledge is the ones who do something significant in this world.


Let me narrate here an old story for you. You must remember that story of “A rabbit and a tortoise” what had happened there, even if the Rabbit was so talented however, the turtle had won the race (why..) because of his persistence and hard work. Even today that similar case is happening around us.


So, if they can do then why can’t you? It doesn’t matter how talented you are at the moment, what matters is, are you ready from now to work harder than usual in the right direction. If yes then write in the comment that. Yes! I am ready for that, Your comment will show the fire which I want to enlighten within you.


If you are reading this article that means you are the one who wants to bring a massive change in your life and have the fire to do it.

Just take action from today itself, I’ll always be there with you.


Thank you so much

Catch You soon….


The Choices You Make, Makes You

the choices you make, makes you


“You are the result of your habit”! What Does it mean?


Good Morning, Everyone, Ashutosh here this side and I have come up with a very important topic.


“The choices you make, Makes you”!

From the time you open your eyes to the time when you go the bed daily what choices you make play a very vital role in your life.


Be it food, be it any beverages (tea, coffee, warm water, juice etc.), exercise, kind of book, friends, and everything.


In simple terms we can call it “As you run your days, you run your life.”


Everything that you are doing today is compounding.


See, to run a healthy life we will have to adopt a healthy mindset. Before choosing anything, suppose you went for a party and you found there that two types of drink were being served one was ‘fruit juice’ and another was ‘whiskey’. Now, here comes the role of your choice because see everything that you intake is going to be compounding in the long run. The one who will choose juice and the one who will choose whiskey you can’t make a difference between them on the same day but you will see the effect and result after some time. Similar is the case in your education.


Just in front of your eyes one of your friends starts from zero and leaves you behind so far and when you don’t find any option how to deal with this harsh reality only just to satisfy yourself, you start saying that he was so lucky that is what made him like this. But there is nothing as such at all. He must have done something more or different from you and that hard work pays him off and that was nothing else but his choice.


Now, the question is “From when are you going to take choices for everything in your life.





Ashutosh Kumar….


So, Guys This Was the 4 Best Inspirational Short Unique Stories. I hope This Article would have motivated you. If yes please don’t forget to show your love in the comment.


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